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Welcome to The Doubling Theory

Is it possible that we are in the process of living the end of the doubling of time within the solar cycle? 

This is what Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet's Doubling Theory demonstrates to us.

It isn't necessary to be an expert to make use of this knowledge.

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The doubling of time : 
Where? When? How? Why?


We are doubled in both time and space within the Doubling period.

In order to assure our survival, time openings link us to the past as well as the future.

To live well, it is necessary to be familiar with them in order to be able to make use of them.


Linked to a solar cycle and an essential property of time, doubling makes us live in two different times, and in this way gives us the opportunity of foreseeing our best future and choosing the most opportune moment for each one of our actions.  Constant information exchanges with those who double us facilitate the control of dangerous but passionate chance and so avoid a reassuring, yet stifling destiny. 


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Message of the author

More than a year ago, certain readers of mine reproached the author of a book of vulgarised science for plagiarising my theory without having understood it.  In order to defend himself, and without having forewarned me, he hung a defamatory criticism on the internet to sweep aside my scientific publications in a few lines, which contrary to his allegations all proceed from publications controlled and authorised by scientific arbiters.

Once a text is authorised by these arbiters, its publication is very often nothing more than a very condensed summary of the same, which in fact demands an explication.  A scientist who wishes to make use of such publications, before criticising or authorising, must receive information directly from the author.  This is the normal procedure for every scientist who, far from desiring to appropriate a discovery, wishes to further scientific advancement by making use of the work of others, citing their names as references.  Those who have contacted me have not found the least fault with and support me in my research.


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If you wish to gain further understanding of the Doubling Theory, sign up to participate in a training session with JP Garnier Malet.

These sessions do not require any scientific knowledge and are accessible to everyone.

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No one other than Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet is authorised to teach the Doubling Theory and its daily applications concerning our double.


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Till this day, no person has been authorised by Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet to teach the doubling theory and its daily applications concerning our double. 

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